Apistogramma borellii, common names umbrella cichlid, umbrella apisto and yellow dwarf cichlid, is a species of fish in the genus Apistogramma. The females are yellow with dark markings when in breeding and caring for their brood whereas the males are larger with the first several rays of the dorsal fin being more elongated and sharp. The nice thing about these suckers is that they are considered a dwarf cichlid. The electric yellow cichlid is a popular fresh water aquarium fish. Get the best deals on Dwarf Cichlids when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. The size and peaceful nature mean that they can be enjoyed by hobbyists with smaller tanks as well as the more serious aquarist. The female is more colorful than the male, despite being smaller. Although they’re peaceable, they’re extra adaptable to fellow cichlids. Laetecara Curviceps, another South American species, is a timid and … Select options. Tanganyikan dwarf cichlids, on the other hand, are the products of near onto ten million years of evolution in an environment effectively buffered against short-term fluctuation. The caudal fin is fan-shaped with in the male, the dorsal and anal fins meet at a point. South America; Yellow dwarf cichlids are to be found in the Amazon Basins of Brazil and Paraguay. Show Filters . Yellow Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma borellii) will grow up to around 3.0 inches in length (males) and up to 2 inches in length (females). Select options. Helichrysum arenarium or dwarf everlast flower, Red Yellow Dwarf Dahlia Blooming Macro Bellevue Washington, Sunkist orange yellow dwarf shrimp on green grass or aquatic moss in fresh water aquarium tank. Yellow dwarf cichlid is mainly carnivorous. They will accept quality flakes but this should not be a major part of their diet. They do well in community tanks and are hardy enough to thrive in changing water conditions. The Apisto Macmasteri has some seriously intimidating looks. To tell you the truth, they are perhaps one of the most non-aggressive cichlids on this list. The Dwarf Cichlids do not constitute a group that is rigidly defined either taxonomically or by distribution. Dwarf cichlids. These are also known as the Umbrella Cichlid. Grid view List view. Generally, dwarfs are considered to be 3 inches and under, but each individual has their own opinion and exceptions to the rule. The group of Dwarf Cichlids actually originate from both Central and south America as well as West Africa. Showing 1–25 of 38 results. Variegated yellow and green leaves of dwarf umbrella plant Schefflera arboricola. Dwarf Cichlids - South American Dwarf Cichlids The American Dwarf Cichlids are also called the New World Dwarf Cichlids. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. "Order CICHLIFORMES: Family CICHLIDAE: Subfamily CICHLINAE (a-c)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Apistogramma_borellii&oldid=984351918, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 17:32. True aquatic plants are normally absent from the habitat, but grasses and other bank vegetation often extend into the water. Copyright © 2000-2021 Dreamstime. The head and the area just behind the gill cover are golden-yellow. African Cichlids are hardy; brightly coloured and can get to a decent size, making them excellent display fish. Spawning Dwarf South American Cichlids is best done in a dedicated breeding aquarium with no other fish present. In the course of their evolution, these lacustrine cichlids have largely lost the capacity of their riverine ancestors to cope with such changes in their immediate milieu. All rights reserved. They are found in the Paraguay, Parana & Uruguay drainages in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. Dicrossus Filamentosus, a South American fish commonly known as the “Checkerboard cichlid” for its distinctive scale patterning, makes a great addition to tanks with acidic water. Photo about Young yellow dwarf cichlid in a planted aquarium. The German Gold Ram Dwarf Cichlid (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi var. The female dwarf cichlids are generally much shorter than the males. Wild Apistogramma cacatuoides (Apistogramma cacatuiodes) $ 10.99 $ 9.99. Their scientific name literally means the “extraordinary little Acara (cichlid)”. Image of south, yellow, cichlid - 149223253 They’re a pale light blue with some darker speckling along the body and lemon yellow top fins and tail fins. Apistogramma borellii (A102/103/104) are beautiful dwarf cichlids from the Amazon basin. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. Origin. “Gold”) is a striking variant of the ever-popular German Blue Ram Dwarf Cichlid. As for the tank mates, you need to be fairly cautious. Dwarf Cichlids. The color is delicate and pretty. [2] The umbrella cichlid eats insects and crustaceans. Males … [1] They have been found in waters as cold as 6.5 °C. Buy Dwarf Cichlids and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! It is a South American dwarf cichlid, found in the Paraguay River and Paraná River. Dwarf cichlids are small members of the cichlid family. They can be identified by their large dorsal and pelvic fins. The Golden Dwarf Cichlid is a very nice little cichlid that is suitable for beginners who want to keep their first cichlids! As well as the leaf litter, twigs and other pieces of wood serve as hiding-places. The fish draws its name from its length, with the male dwarf cichlids being shorter than 3 inches. ... Pseudotropheus Saulosi Saulosi Cichlid (Dwarf Mbuna) A dwarf mbuna cichlid that gets to about 3.4 inches as adults. Yellow lab cichlid Compatibility. Sale! Some varieties such as the Apistogramma and Pelvicachromis are almost universally accepted as dwarfs. In the wild South American dwarf cichlids live mainly in the shallow water of the bank zones of slow-flowing or standing waters. Labidochromis caeruleus (yellow lab cichlid) fish profile and care information such as tank size, tank mates, life span, diet, foods, breeding, behavior, tank setup and temperament. Young yellow dwarf cichlid in a planted aquarium. Seachem Cichlid Trace Elements for Cichlids $ 9.79 Hikari Cichlid Excel - Medium Pellet $ 13.84 Tetra TetraColor Cichlid Pellets $ 4.73 May 10, 2012 - This data sheet gives you basic information about Yellow Dwarf Cichlid diet, sexing, breeding, distribution, water parameters and compatibility. Select options. Apistogramma can rightfully be called a beautiful dwarf cichlid. Yellow dwarf cichlids are best fed on live and frozen foods. Dwarf Cichlids. An Apistogramma borellii pair during a courtship ritual. Rather it is a term that is used to describe small cichlids, reaching only about 4” (10 cm) in size. Dwarf South American Cichlids Breeding Level – Intermediate. These cichlids are mainly found in rivers and creeks. Yellow Cichlid Breeding and Care Eggs are laid on a hard, flat surface. Yellow Dwarf Cichlid [ Apistogramma borellii SYN : Apistogramma reitzigi, A. ritense, A. aequipinnis, Heterogrammas borellii PD : A laterally compressed cichlid that has a stockier, less elongated body than A. agassizi. These fish consist of small cichlids that … Scarlet Badis (Up to 1 Inch) $ 6.99 $ 5.99 Read more-11% Out of stock. Cichlids for Sale Malawi Cichlids Haplochromis Electric Blue Blue Dolphin Venustus Eye-Biter Malawi Peacock Malawi Mbuna Acei Auratus Cichlid EB Johanni Cobalt Blue Greshakei Ndumbi Clown Afra Electric Yellow Hongi Kenyi Demasoni Saulosi Elongatus Socolofi Red Zebra Fuelleborni Trewavasae Tanganyika Lake Victoria Frontosa Leleupi Nyererei Duboisi Buttikoferi Danakilia Polleni Dwarf … Apistogramma borellii have a large range that includes a variety of water types. That means they’re very compatible with most peaceful, community fish. Profile: Yellow Dwarf Cichlid Apistogramma borellii Synonyms: Apistogramma reitzigi, A. ritense, A. aequipinnis, Heterogrammas borellii Physical description: A laterally compressed cichlid that has a stockier, less elongated body than A. agassizi. It is a naturally occurring variant of Labidochromis caeruleus endemic to the central western coastal region of Nkhata Bay in Lake Malawi in East Africa.It is the most popular African cichlid amongst aquarium hobbyists. Sexing the Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid. Apistogramma trifasciata The “tri” in trifasciata stands for “three,” … Apistogramma Macmasteri. Electric Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) $ 9.99. Showing all 18 results-14% Out of stock. It has an overall bright yellow/gold coloration that is adorned with neon blue and red highlights across many areas of its body. This is an extensive group of fish living in the tropical rivers of South America. Dwarf Cichlids. Typical features of the natural habitat include a substrate of fine sand and large quantities of dead leaves from the trees. The species is native to South America where it is found in Guyana & Surinam. Yellow flowers of helichrysum arenarium or dwarf everlast, Yellow flower of Chinese dwarf banana, golden lotus banana, Chin, Immortelle yellow flowers closeup. Yellow Dwarf Cichlids are considered to be one of the gentler Apistogramma species. The average size of adults in the aquarium is 7 cm, so in most cases, an aquarium of 40 liters or more will be enough to keep a small group. Grows to: 35cm. In contrast, the finnage of the male is somewhat more spectacular than that of the female. Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items Apistogramma borellii, common names umbrella cichlid, umbrella apisto and yellow dwarf cichlid, is a species of fish in the genus Apistogramma. It is relatively straightforward to distinguish the female from male Cockatoo Cichlids. Home / Aquarium Shop / Freshwater Tropical Fish / Dwarf Cichlids. Bolivian Ram Cichlids have an attractive golden-brown color, with red and turquoise highlights. Apistogramma agassizii is one of the all time classic dwarf cichlids and if you ever have a chance, get some. Diet: Omnivores _ Cichlid pellets/flakes, Live Food, Frozen Food [3] The specific name honours the zoologist Alfredo Borelli (1858-1943), who collected the type.[4]. In a bunch of cichlids, they will dwell singly in addition to in pairs. (2018). Originally the term, dwarf cichlid, was used to describe just one species, the colorful Apistogramma agassizii from South You'll find them to be great aquarium fish in a species tank or in the community aquarium. Unlike other cichlids, yellow dwarf cichlids are very sensitive and their care must be very strict. They typically spawn in crevices, caves or other secluded areas. Because dwarf cichlids are found almost everywhere in S… Sexing. Dwarf Cichlids are pretty, friendly fish that can dispaly wonderful colours and personailities. African Cichlids prefer to be kept in an aquariums with other African Cichlids only, as they are territorial and require specific water conditions. Yellow lab cichlids are usually not territorial cichlids and so, they don’t seem to be a community fish.
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