hide. Cartoon Network is the best place to play free Gumball games. Before the comedic reveal, the part where Gumball is approached by the reject club in "The Club" is pretty creepy. Included is a scene of Teri screaming in agony as she tries in vain to keep her balance and ultimately, The town of Elmore is plagued by satellite TV interruptions that cause the town itself to glitch. Conversationalist . realized Elmore isn't real and that their lives may be part of a TV show, though there are some darkly humorous moments. Conversationalist . When Mr. Robinson gets crushed by the platform. hide. Daisy then proceeds to "play" with Anais, which involves her dunking Anais in the bathtub, What makes it even worse is the fact that Anais loves her doll, and never mistreats it (aside from drop kicking it during "The World"). The internet malfunctioning in a gross, disturbing way when it starts using human intelligence in "The Intelligence". Today's Top Image Galleries . Gumball Nightmare in Elmore Game Online Free - Gumball has eaten more than usual at dinner and now a terrible nightmare torments you! The world has turned against Gumball in Nightmare on Elmore. The flashback where Gumball is being chased by a pack of dogs (while wearing a ham suit, of course) who look like they want to maul him to death. overwhelming desire to be the best at everything, constantly insulting her under the guise of compliments. Teri's (almost) death in "The Virus" is a combination of this and Nightmare Fuel.What's especially saddening is the characters' (Gumball and Darwin) completely heartbroken reactions. Gumball, Darwin, and Masami stuck in the burning (then flooding when Masami removes the water pipe) basement, While attempting to get the sentient milk carton acting as a security guard to park the car, Gumball accidentally stabs the carton with a car key. In "The Uncle", Ocho kidnaps Gumball as a prank, and that made him very traumatized. It made him sick. The moment she enters the ghoul's basement, she. The whole episode can be pretty terrifying. Well, he stated himself in "The Job" that he was on a diet where he was supposed to only eat sunshine. Posted by 4 years ago. Richard's disgusting cooking gave Gumball, Darwin, and Anais some nasty nightmares. When Anais freaks out over the loss of her Daisy the Donkey doll, Gumball reminds her that it's just a toy. Produced primarily by Cartoon Network Studios Europe, it first aired on May 3, 2011 and ended on June 24, 2019. Due to the heat, Gumball and Tobias end up stuck to each other like glue, and roll around the surface of the roof, which drags Gumball's fur, and possibly his skin, off. Speaking of that episode, it's ripe with some creepy brainwashing. When the students freak out due to various objects in the room (and some students) being manipulated to float and move by Carrie, Sussie's dress lifts up revealing Sussie's actor, Aurelie Charbonnier's eyes. Like if you noticed it the first watching, it looks the size of regular bird. Even worse: they're laughing nervously because right as the scene changed they, Anais makes a new friend, Jodie, and they, The flashbacks near the end of the episode. Juega a Gumball: Odisea estelar totalmente gratis, es uno de los mejores juegos de Gumball que hemos subido. But this troper actually looked at the scene, and that THING is huge. This is the base category for templates. In the episode, The Ghost, when Carrie possesses Gumball. There is just something so unnerving about the theme song towards the end of the episode. "The Vacation" is chockful of this (which is justified, since it was intentionally made as a send-up of horror movies where travelers get stuck on the road and are taken in by creepy people who live off the grid, like.
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